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Welcome from the Sheriff of Thomas County
R. Carlton Powell


The Thomas County Sheriff’s Office welcomes you to the county that is both “A Place Apart” and “Worth the Trip”.  We are confident that you will find that our slogan To Protect and To Serve are symbolic of the professional attitudes and positive approach with which we do our job. 

The hallmark of our department is fair, impartial and compassionate enforcement of county ordinances and state laws.  We provide equal protection for our citizens as well as visitors in our area so that we may earn the trust and confidence of the people we serve.  As you will see in the following resume’ of services, we have the technical equipment as well the trained staff to ensure a safe environment for those we work for and serve. 

homasville, our county seat is known as the “City of Roses” and Thomas County’s symbol is the Bobwhite Quail.  Both are symbols of the leisure pleasures of today and the tranquility of the past. 




Contact us at (229) 225-3300

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